Saturday June 16th

Koliba will open on Saturday June 16th after 7PM. We will have a private party till that time. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you.

Fathers Day weekend

Koliba would like to wish all fathers the best day ever. We would like to invite you to have your special dish at our restaurant. We will be serving from our regular menu and satisfy your taste.

Another May weekend

This weekend our chef prepared a Sauerkraut or Three Bean soup with klobasa,  Roasted chicken with garlic sauce and rice, Smoked or Roasted pork with lentil, or we can serve you grilled klobasa over lentil. Like every day you can choose from our regular menu your favorite dish. Come to enjoy a home style cooking. 

Mother' Day, Sunday May 13th.

Koliba would like to wish all mothers the most beautiful day and would like to invite you to Koliba to come and enjoy the day without cooking for some special meal. For this spacial day we will be serving from our full menu so that you can have your favorite meal. Please call for reservation or more information 718-626-0430. Thank you.

Easter Sunday

For this special Sunday we are preparing a Easter  Sunday menu, please call for more information or reservation, we will be honored to serve you.

easter 2018.jpg

This after snow weekend

This weekend our chef prepared some very nice specials, we have lentil soup with klovbasy, bean soup to worm us up, beef with horseradish sauce, roasted pork or smoked pork with spinach, sauteed boneless pork with "Leco" - fresh tomato-peppers and onions over potato, fried breaded flounder with choice of potato and now we also serve espresso coffee. Please come to enjoy good home made cooking. Thanks

this weekend special

This weekend our chef made a Sauerkraut soup with klobasa, also a Split pea soup and we have Roasted pork shank with cabbage or just condiments. You can choose from our regular menu any dish that your taste would appreciate. Please come and enjoy our home made cooking and our beers on tab. We would also like to see you at our annual Wild Game weekend which we are famous for. Please call for more info or reservation 718-626-0430